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Want to Finance a New or Used Boat? At Boats Direct USA your DREAM Boat is Just a Mouse Click Away


Boats Direct USA

Ready to buy a boat but not sure about financing? At Boats Direct USA, getting approved for your boat loan is fast, easy and can be completely done online.

Boats Direct USA is a factory outlet in Key Largo which sells brand new, custom Blackwater, Ocean Hawk, Deep Impact, Contender, Statement, Action Craft and Epic boats along with a massive used boat inventory of all makes and models.

“As far as financing is concerned, it’s as easy as just doing an application online,” explained Boats Direct USA general manager Anthony Ousley. “We would then review the customer’s credit history and advise what it would take to get you in the boat of your dreams.  We would structure the deal in a way it would favor any lender who approved this application. This is where we excel above the rest. Structure is 95 percent of convincing a bank to consider or approve an application. The lenders would sometimes give a counter offer requesting additional down payment or additional documentation to substantiate the amount of the loan. It’s as simple as that.”

To get started, go to Boats Direct USA and click on the “Quick Financing” button in the center of the blue ribbon near the top of the webpage. An online application will open in another window. Complete the application and hit “submit.”

Financing options are numerous. Boats Direct USA went from two lenders to nine lenders in a matter of 4 weeks! Boats Direct USA making it even easier for customers to obtain the financing and terms they want to buy the boat of their dreams.

“Having nine lenders allows us to have the ability to finance for a full spectrum of credit,” Ousley said. “We can finance people who have perfect credit or people who had a bumpy past. With that many lenders to choose from they have a better chance to get the loan they need on the spot.”

Banks are offering boat loans of up to 240 months for boats valued at $50,000 or more, Ousley said. “At 240 months the payment stays very low so you can afford the boat payment and stay in line with all your other expenses,” Ousley said.

The beauty of the system is that everything can be done online, through email and also FAX, he noted.

The store has been under new management since mid-February, and Ousley said business is brisk.

“We are actually on track to have one of the best months Boats Direct USA has ever had,” Ousley said referring to March sales. “With the energy the new management brought, the traffic has had a significant increase.”

A big contributing factor is the team’s morale. They believe in owners Mark and Eileen Fischer and the new management team recently put in place (Anthony & Debbi Palazzo) to take the company to the next level. “Every team member has a big part to do with the recent success.” Said Ousley

“Anthony would like to take a moment to thank the staff one by one…. Debbi Palazzo,Virgil Valdes Sr., Virgil Valdes Jr., Peter Godtel, Troy Eastman, Kathy Mann, Mark “Gig” Gigowski, Scott Dumas and Bill “Grandpa Bill” Dahl. Thank you guys for the support!”

For more information, call 866-377-5403 or visit the Boats Direct USA showroom at Mile Marker 98.





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