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Shopping for Performance Boats? Take Note of these Tips


Who hasn’t admired performance boats gliding over the waves on a beautiful sunny day or pushing the throttle to the limit in an offshore race?  Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie and love the speed or you just enjoy cruising around in a boat with amazing power and revolutionary design, performance boats are vessels that will continue to reward their owners for years to come.

If you’ve decided that you, too, would like to get out on the waterways in a performance boat, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure your boat shopping experience is a positive one. The first step you will need to take is to determine precisely what it is that you hope to do with and get out of your boat.

People who own boats typically have something pretty specific that they like to do, whether it be fishing, racing, cruising around the local waterways with their families on the weekends or venturing out on week long excursions. The great thing about performance boats is that you can do all of the above with one powerful boat. There will, of course, be different designs of these boats that will make more sense for individual preferences than others. High performance boats with built-in rod holders and live wells, for instance, are best suited for fishing enthusiasts while those who seek adventure may prefer a boat with a large cabin.

The next thing, when choosing performance boats, is to consider the waterways you are most likely to use. If you plan to travel on the ocean, for instance, it’s better to choose a performance boat that’s larger and to keep smaller boats for lakes and canal or river cruising. The size of boat you choose will also depend on the average number of people you want it to hold. While a 32 foot performance boat may not be comfortable for five, a group of that size would have more than ample space in a 38 or 40 foot boat.

Your level of boating experience and/or what it is that you wish to do with your boat will also play a role in determining the shape of the boat you buy. While a V or deep V bottomed boat will suit people who are fairly new to boating or who are buying it mostly for cruising, catamarans and hydroplane boats are best for those who participate in the odd offshore race or who intend to travel at high speeds. The shape of the catamaran or hydroplane boat allows it to glide more easily over and off of waves, improving its performance especially at higher speeds.

The amount of money you have to spend on your boat will also determine which make and model you buy, not to mention the size of the vessel and horsepower. If you’re planning to buy a 40 foot boat with triple 350’s, for instance, you’re going to pay more than a smaller, less powerful performance boat. The good news, however, is that there is a plethora of used high performance boats on the market and buying used can mean that you’re able to get a lot more boat for your money than if you were to buy new. Boats Direct USA has a great inventory of used performance boats, just waiting for the right owner.

One thing, when it comes to performance boats, that not everyone is aware of, is that most states require you to own insurance that’s specific to high performance boats. While it may cost slightly more than insurance for another type of boat, you will be happy you have it if your boat is damaged, stolen or even destroyed in an accident.

Before checking out boat inventories, assess what it is that you hope to do with your new boat in order to ensure that you’re as happy with it five years from now as you are today. Once you’ve established what you want and need from your new vessel, you can start to narrow down the list of performance boat options. At Boats Direct USA, we help people like you find the boat of their dreams, every day. Get out on the water in the boat of your dreams for less when you shop at Boats Direct USA.

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