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NauticStar Boats to Sponsor Coral Shores High School Football Broadcasts


Boats Direct USA, the Monroe County exclusive NauticStar Boats factory outlet, is sponsoring the first time-ever seasonal broadcast of Coral Shores High School football on WFKZ SUN 103 in the Florida Keys. Boats Direct USA owners Mark and Eileen Fischer contribute regularly to charity events.

WKWF's Rick Lopez, general manager for Florida Keys Media

WKWF’s Rick Lopez, general manager for Florida Keys Media

Boats Direct USA added the extremely affordable NauticStar Boats to its inventory back in June 2014.  Priced low enough for anybody’s budget, NauticStar manufactures Bay Boats, Sport Deck Boats and Offshore Boats. Sponsorships like this one are what is making the football broadcasts a reality for sports lovers in the Florida Keys.

“It’s never been done before,” said Rick Lopez, general manager for Florida Keys Media and the play-by-play voice of Conch Baseball in Key West for 17 years. “It’s something that’s been talked about for years.”

Boats Direct USA owner Mark Fischer, who regularly contributes to local charities, said community involvement is important to him. Boats Direct USA is located in Key Largo. Fischer also owns used car giant Off Lease Only.

“I’ve always wanted our schools to know that Boats Direct USA supports their teams.  Sports are so important to developing youth and keeping kids out of trouble,” Fischer said. “I was very happy when Rick from Florida Keys Media came to us with the idea. I think it will spark even more excitement and dedication in these kids by giving them a little bit of recognition on the radio. I think it’s all around really cool!”

The broadcasts became possible after Florida Keys Media bought a four-station cluster in Key West back in late 2013. With eight stations operating under the umbrella of Florida Keys Media, the logistics became much simpler, Lopez said.

WFKZ SUN 103 is broadcasting every home and away game under the arrangement, Lopez said. What it means to the Monroe County parents of the high school football players is that they can keep tabs on their children’s games even if they can’t follow the team when it hits the road for away games.

Lopez said when the eight stations were combined, it gave him the freedom to do things he had wanted to do for years, namely broadcasting high school games from the Middle and Upper Keys instead of just only those from Key West. It’s all about giving back to the community, Lopez said.

“The high schools are an emotional and prideful thing for our residents,” Lopez said. “Now we are able to give them all the games, broadcast, play-by-play, for the first time. It’s been received unbelievably. The whole community is so happy we are doing it.”

Former Coral Shores High School football and baseball player Eric Forman is the voice of the Coral Shores High School team and does the play-by-play broadcast for listeners, Lopez said.

Boats Direct USA is a factory outlet in Key Largo for NauticStar, and the exclusive dealer for Deep Impact, Black Water Boats and Ocean Hawk with over 100 new and used boats for sale. Call 866-377-5403 toll-free or visit the Boats Direct USA showroom at Mile Marker 98.

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