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Deep Impact Custom Boats at 2017 Miami Boat Show!


Deep Impact Custom Boats at 2017 Miami Boat Show!

The 2017 Miami Boat Show is here and Deep Impact Custom Boats will be showcasing the most beautiful luxury performance center consoles to date throughout slips 735-741 & sea-trial slips 780-782.

The Next Generation Deep Impact 399 Sport is a must see and must sea-trial for those serious!

Miami Boat Show

Schedule a sea-trial on this brand new 399 Sport at this years Miami Boat Show- Slip 780

To your left is an incredible Deep Impact 399 Sport that is for sale and available for sea-trial at this years Miami Boat Show.

This beauty combines the most outrageous sound system, electric bar & blender set-up and two rows of seating to accommodate up to fifteen passengers comfortably.

Feel free to push this boat to the limit. This powerful Deep Impact 399 Sport rides 85+ MPH with quad Mercury 400’s and hydraulic jack plates.

The Deep Impact 399 Sport is equipped with a brand new inverter system as well that gives eight hours of A/C inside the spacious console cabin with no gas generator needed.

Truly the perfect boat for any overnight excursion!

Miami Boat Show

Feast your eyes on this beautiful Deep Impact 399 Sport- Slips 735-741 & 780-782

The breathtaking performance and razor sharp handling of any Deep Impact Custom Boat is sure to make you understand why the brand has such a loyal following.

Nothing looks or rides like a Deep Impact Custom Boat, and Miami Boat Show goers are sure to be impressed with all the brand has in store.

Throughout the years, there have been many that have tried to emulate what Deep Impact has done, but none have come close.

Now with the new advances in the design, fit and finish of Deep Impact Custom Boats, the bar has been raised to a totally different level.

Miami Boat Show

Make an appt. at the factory to see the very first 399 Cabin before anyone else!

“All I can say is we have even more surprises coming very soon!” said owner Mark Fischer, who is extremely passionate about his brand.

Brand new for The Palm Beach Boat Show will be the debut of the Deep Impact 399 Cabin.

The luxurious cabin is massive boasting six full feet of headroom, and room to sleep four comfortably.

The creature comforts are endless and the demand has been vast. Feel free to schedule a factory tour to see this beauty in person.

Looking for something in the 36 foot range?

Check out the beautiful blue 360 Sport on display at this years Miami Boat Show.

Miami Boat Show

Visit Deep Impact Boats at Miami Boat Show Slips 735-741 & 780-782

If you are looking for luxury and elegance, with all of the creature comforts under the sun, this Deep Impact 360 Sport is a must see.

But that’a not all, the performance of this boat is extremely impressive. Equipped with Triple Mercury 350’s, you can push this boat to top speeds of 75+ MPH.

Be sure to visit slips 735-741, and sea-trial slips 780-782 to see the most incredible luxury performance center consoles on the market today!

The Miami International Boat Show runs from February 16th-20th at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. CLICK HERE for more information and directions to the Miami Boat Show.

Have questions or want to set up a sea-trial? Simply call toll free: (855) 476-1405.

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