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BoatsDirectUSA - Deep Impact Custom Boats for SaleDeep Impact Custom Boats have created a legacy combining their sexy lines with excessive speed capabilities and creature comforts. No two boats are alike. Each boat is custom created specifically for the owners boating desires, which is perfect for those looking for both luxury and performance.

Deep Impact Custom Boats are so stylish, you can’t help but turn heads everywhere you go. They’re the perfect family boat and also the most beautiful Yacht Tender on the market today.

BoatsDirectUSA - Deep Impact Custom Boats for Sale

BoatsDirectUSA - Deep Impact Boats

Production is in overdrive with lots of exciting news to report back from the Deep Impact Factory!

Deep Impact 399 Sport at Boats Direct USACurrently there are four Deep Impact 399 Sport Models in production with one of them nearing completion within the next month, a gorgeous new 399 Cabin along with two Deep Impact 360 Sport Models including the Limited Edition SUPER SPORT!

The Super Sport model is BEYOND cool and custom built for owners Mark & Eileen Fischer. This time they’ve decided to start the next paint trend with an eye catching Lamborghini Green!
BoatsDirectUSA Eileen and Mark FischerMark & Eileen are known for their colorful pieces of art on the water such as the famous Lamborghini Orange Limited Edition Poker Run 399, and of course their go-fast boats over the years.

There is no expense spared in the production of this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Equipped with quad Mercury 400’s, this boat will run in excess of 90 MPH! Anybody that boats with Mark & Eileen knows that they have a true love for going fast on the water! The Super Sport will be faster than any boat in its class, with the stability and dry ride that only Deep Impact can give you!

“The boat is a hot rod. Not only a showpiece in the water, but the perfect accompaniment parked next to your green Lamborghini. I can’t wait to push it to the limit on the open waters!” said Fischer.

The beautifully re-designed 399 series will make its debut this fall at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The brand new aero-dynamic hard top is not just the ultimate wind deflector, but the modern styling is a real head turner too. Orders are lining up as more and more Deep Impact lovers are seeing pictures of the 399’s getting finished in the factory. The 399 Sport & 399 Cabin boats definitely take sexy to the next level.

Deep Impact 399 Sport at Boats Direct USA
DeepImpact 399 Cabin at Boats Direct USA

“I did two trips this summer, one to Cuba and one to the Bahamas, and all I can say is how grateful I was to be on a Deep Impact. The seas were a constant 10-12 feet the entire trip home, they were really rough. I have to say, the boat rode incredible. Encountering such horrendous weather reminded me of how in love I am with the brand,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Having an owner with so much boating experience, that is so in love with the brand, definitely gives Deep Impact an edge over the competition. Mark is always coming up with innovative ideas on ways to peak performance and make a better consumer experience. Fischer explains that after riding on almost every other boat brand throughout his boating career- Nothing looks or rides like a Deep Impact.

“Being that I am a long time go-fast guy, it is always impressive being able to run along with the other Powerboats in a Poker Run, or be the pace boat at a Speed Boat International Race. Deep Impact custom center console maintain speeds that back in the day were unheard of,” said Fischer.


BoatsDirectUSA - Deep Impact

Before you buy a boat- make sure you feel the ride of what Deep Impact provides. Schedule a sea trial so you can see why Deep Impact Custom Boat owners would never switch to another brand.

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