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BlackWater & Deep Impact Boats For Sale at Suncoast Boat Show!


Deep Impact 399 Poker Run Edition

Deep Impact 399 Poker Run Edition

SARASOTA – Boats Direct USA is in Sarasota this weekend @ Space #’s 1014 & 1015 for yet another great opportunity to show off the spectacular, customizable Deep Impact and Black Water boat brands to boating enthusiasts who will surely love what they see!

Boats Direct USA will be at Space #’s 1014 & 1015 at the 2015 Suncoast Boat Show in Sarasota April 17-19th, with a Deep Impact 399 Poker Run Edition and a Black Water 36 Sport. It’s a wonderful chance for boat show guests to see what makes these custom center console boats stand out.

“These beautiful custom boats are definitely going to create some excitement,” said Boats Direct USA sales manager David Pease. “People often don’t realize the difference between a production boat and a custom boat until they get up close and personal. The fit and finish and attention to detail on both the BlackWater and Deep Impact Boats is impressive.”

Boats Direct USA BlackWater and Deep Impact boats arrive at SunCoast Boat Show

Boats Direct USA BlackWater and Deep Impact boats arrive at SunCoast Boat Show

For the past two months, Boats Direct USA has traveled thousands of miles showcasing these incredible center console boats. Deep Impact and BlackWater Boats were proudly on display at the Gulf Coast Yacht & Boat Show in Gulfport, Mississippi just last week; the Palm Beach International Boat Show in March; and the Miami International Boat Show in February. The upcoming Suncoast Boat Show in Sarasota will be Boats Direct USA’s fourth boat show in two months. They are on a mission to make sure anyone looking to buy a custom center console sees these unique brands prior to making their decision.

Boat show goers will surely be wowed by the flamboyant Lamborghini orange and white Deep Impact 399 Poker Run Edition. Designed by Boats Direct USA owner Mark Fischer, this stunning boat is the perfect combination of luxury, speed and comfort.

Equipped with quad Mercury Verado engines, the Deep Impact  399 Poker Run Edition can reach speeds of up to 75 mph. An extended top provides shade so  passengers can enjoy the ride while they relax with a third row of seating. This luxury center console boat also has custom bolster seating, grab rails and cup holders, among other custom features.

“This gorgeous boat is definitely a crowd pleaser. People can’t get enough of it,” Pease said. “People see the bright colors and want to see more. There’s always a crowd around this boat. It’s what the Deep Impact brand is all about – custom features. It’s unique.”

Boats Direct USA Black Water 36 Sport

Boats Direct USA BlackWater 36 Sport

Boats Direct USA acquired the trademark and assets of the Deep Impact brand in August 2014. Boat designer Eugenio Uriarte is the creator/builder of Black Water boats, which are built at the same Miami factory as Deep Impact.

Both boat brands are handcrafted one boat at a time. There is no high volume build strategy for either brand.

An incredible BlackWater custom fishing boat will also be attracting boaters to the Boats Direct USA booth at the Suncoast Boat Show. The custom Black Water is a beast of a fishing machine and can take on the roughest waves to get serious anglers to the fish faster. A fisherman’s delight it is, but it is also family-friendly and can be designed with luxurious, wrap around seating geared more toward a leisurely evening of pleasure-cruising on the water with friends.

So whether you are determined to bring home the big tournament money, or enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise with family and friends, a Black Water boat can be designed to perfectly fit your lifestyle. Getting ready to fish like a fiend, or sip wine with friends while you cruise through gentle waters!

The Black Water 36 Sport has a revamped console design with the steering wheel on the left, centered throttle control and the grab bar and cup holders on the right. Bow seating was redesigned to provide more room and flip top seats have been replaced with permanent seats to provide more comfort. The generous wrap around forward seating is a creature comfort that gives this boat a gentler appeal. Climb aboard and take off on a sunny cruise around Florida’s breathtaking Keys!

Pease is certain the two boats will stop boat show guests in their tracks when they examine the amazing fit and finish of Deep Impact and BlackWater. He also believes the region is a prime area for avid boaters.

“This is usually a pretty good show. It’s a good market for our product. It’s a big boating community,” Pease said. “And it’s a very affluent area.”

Boats Direct USA

Boats Direct USA

Boats Direct USA is the exclusive dealer for Deep Impact, BlackWater Boats and Ocean Hawk. With over 100 new and used boats for sale, it’s never been a better time to schedule your sea trial. For more information, call 866-377-5403 toll-free or visit the Boats Direct USA showroom at Mile Marker 98.



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