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BlackWater - BoatsDirectUSABlack Water Boats are custom built one at a time in the Miami based factory under the supervision of expert boat builder Eugene Uriarte. Fit, Finish and the attention to every detail being perfect is just one thing that sets Blackwater Boats apart from the rest.
Black Water Boats is a superior custom built product offering the best quality fit and finish for your dollar.

The attention to detail that goes into each Blackwater Boats are far beyond any other manufacturer in its class. There are limitless options too! Choose the perfect seating layout, tackle stations, leaning posts, live wells, amenities, electronics and on and on… there is nothing that we can’t do.

The maneuverability of the 36 Blackwater Models is something to be impressed by. You can chase fish in that boat like no other! Bigger boats don’t have the handling capabilities that the 36 Sport, 36 Sportfish & 36 Tournament Edition models have.

The Blackwater 36 is a little hot rod for fishing when it comes down to it!

BoatsDirectUSA - BlackWater 36 Sport“When i see fish a mile away- i can get there quickly and maneuver around really easy… especially when you have other boats and obstacles in the way… the maneuverability is phenomenal and it trolls really nice because its not a step bottom, ” said owner Mark Fischer.

BoatsDirectUSA Boats for Sale - Factory DirectBoats Direct USA is your factory direct dealer for Blackwater Boats located right in the factory. Boats Direct USA is dedicated to helping clients enjoy the Blackwater Boat building experience from start to finish.

Blackwater Boats come in 36, 39 & 43 foot Sport, Sportfish & Tournament Edition Models giving a lot of options on different layout options.

The Blackwater 39 step bottom is already in production and underway! It will be the Largest & Fastest 39 foot boat – coupled with the speed and ride and drive like no other boat in its class!

Standard power with triple 350’s- that boat will run almost 70 MPH- add a fourth motor- you’re doing 80 MPH… and quad 400’s you’re at 85mph+ which NO other boat in its class can do!

Next in the line-up is the Biggest and Baddest boat Black Water has ever built! The Blackwater 43′ is the epitome of handcrafted perfection! We are so excited launch this boat at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The most impressive feature is the Blackwater 43’s incredible fuel efficiency- no other boat in its class can have the range of that boat.

BlackWater 43 SportFish at Boats Direct USA

The Blackwater 43′ comes with 650 standard gallons, with optional tank 200 saddle tanks ( 2 one hundred galls) bringing the to 850 gallons. The Blackwater 43′ at 50 MPH with Quad Motors will get an impressive one mile per gallon with an unheard of range over 800 miles!

The Blackwater 43 will run at a top speed of 65 MPH quipped with quad 350’s. Bump up the engines power to quad 400’s and she’ll reach speed close to 75 MPH. Again- no other boat in its class can come close to this performance!

Known for the incredible fishability, the Blackwater Tournament Edition is perfect for those looking to tear up the circuit and win big! The Blackwater Tournament Edition is big and solid enough to handle just about any water conditions and runs where the other boats turn back. Equip this boat with triple or quad engines and blow past everyone just in time for weigh in!

The Blackwater Sportfish is a perfect hybrid of our Tournament Edition and Sport. The Blackwater Sportfish is the epitome of Everything in ONE! You’ll be impressed with the rear live-wells and full wrap around forward seating that make this boat perfect for the entire family. There are many options too! Make sure to ask your representative.

BoatsDirectUSA BlackWater 36 SportFish

The Sport Edition is for those looking for a top notch center console or fishing boat that also want the luxury and comfort element this boat provides. The Blackwater Sport model offers full wrap around forward and rear seating for those fishermen who want to bring their families and friends for a day of fun in the sun.

BoatsDirectUSA - BlackWater Boats for Sale

Whether you want to order your Blackwater Boat in 36′, 39′ or 43′, we suggest placing a quick call to one of our experts in the factory first. This will enable you to really dive into all of the options that are available with Black Water Boats to make sure we build the perfect boat to your liking.

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