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Southport 33 Center Console for Sale at Boats Direct USA!


Southport 33 Center Console for sale at Boats Direct USA

Southport 33 Center Console for sale at Boats Direct USA

MIAMI – Southport Boats caused a stir at the Miami International Boat Show this month with the introduction of its new boat for sale, a 33-foot center console, a model sold by Boats Direct USA. Boats Direct USA is a factory outlet for Southport Center Consoles.

During the show, the company’s managing director Skip Robinson met with Boats Direct USA to discuss the 33-footer’s appeal, its amenities and why it is a “must have” for any serious angler.

Boats Direct USA in Key Largo added Southport to its huge inventory of new and used boats back in June 2014 and has been taking orders ever since.

They’re sexy, high performance and well-made.  These top-of-the-line boats suit the serious fisherman and are perfect for family cruising. And the company is growing at the rate of about 100 percent a year.

Console of Southport 33

Console of Southport 33

“Our new 33 is taking the market by storm. We launched it in July and already are up to 20 boats,” Robinson said, speaking at the boat show. “The luxurious fit and finish is very important to us but more important is the ride: the level ride … entry is very dry.”

Southport Boats range in price from $169,000 up to $ 265,000, depending upon model and equipment.

Often, when Robinson talks about Southport Boats, he uses an automobile analogy to describe the watercraft, likening them to the luxury and performance of a Porsche. The new 33-foot is no different!

“When you push throttles forward on a Southport you will feel the boat lift out of the water and accelerate as if you were driving a sports car. And like the Porsche, our boats are known for their styling (handsome, rugged Carolina shear), which throws spray aside, as well as their fit and finish,” Robinson once said.

Southport 33 Center Console for sale at Boats Direct USA

Southport 33 Center Console for sale at Boats Direct USA

“I tell people the only way you can get wet in this boat is if it rains,” Robinson said.

Equipped with Yamaha 350 horsepower engines, the new 33-foot can reach speeds of up to 56 miles per hour.

“You can cruise very comfortably at 30 mph burning only 21-22 gallons per hour, which is phenominal,” Robinson noted. He said the boat has a “slippery bottom” which gives the boat performance in terms of fuel economy and speed.

A modified V-setting with 46 degrees at the front and ending at 22 degrees to the rear, provides a nice, very stable ride, due to the beam, Robinson explained.

“People really like the fact that at trolling speeds it’s not rocking back and forth,” Robinson noted.

The boat comes equipped with generous storage compartments for ice, fish or cruising components. The gunnel has half a dozen rod holders and there are rod holders that also go behind the seat, Robinson stated.

Seating is designed so boaters can sit comfortably with the bolster down or stand with the bolster up. The dash is built to accommodate two 17-inch screens.

A  large head is equipped with a small shower and a small berth. Up top on deck, a collapsible cocktail table can double as a sunbed.

Robinson partnered with Boats Direct USA so his company could grow its reach into South Florida/Miami and the Florida Keys.  It made sense, with Fort Lauderdale’s reputation as the “Venice of America” and a deeply-ingrained boating lifestyle that was already part of Florida’s cachet.

Southport Boats are beamy  – with a wide center of gravity, making them perfect for Florida’s waters, Robinson noted.  The boats’ stable, level riding and the Carolina shear – the very muscular front of the boat that throws water down so occupants don’t get wet, is exceptional, he added.

“We are delighted to have Boats Direct USA representing our boats here is South Florida and in the Keys,” Robinson said.

Boats Direct USA is a factory outlet for Southport Center Consoles. With over 100 new and used boats for sale, it’s never been a better time to schedule your sea trial. For more information, call 305-453-6668 or visit the Boats Direct USA showroom at Mile Marker 98 in Key Largo.










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