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Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport Attracts Crowds!


Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport Attracts Crowds!

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport was certainly the crowd pleaser at this years Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, as well as down in Key West at the Florida Powerboat Club’s Annual Key West Poker Run!

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Crowds flocked to see the latest and greatest 399 Sport debut from Deep Impact Custom Boats!

The general consensus was that Deep Impact raised the bar with the introduction of this highly anticipated beauty.

The “daring design” echoed throughout the Convention Center and Bahia Mar where Deep Impact presented not one, but two of the brand new 399 Sport models.

The gorgeous blue & black gel coated 399 Sport was positioned inside the Convention Center, and impressed every boating enthusiast that walked by.

Just as impressive was the Lamborghini Orange Deep Impact 399 Sport that was positioned at Bahia Mar on powerboat alley.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

The Deep Impact 399 Sport was on display outside at Bahia Mar on the H/I Dock!

The crowds couldn’t get enough of the beautiful brand new patented hard top, and attention to detail that Deep Impact Custom Boats are known for.

While Deep Impact Boats have done many shows, the overall feedback was that the new design sets the luxury performance center consoles apart from the others, creating a whole new understanding of what the Deep Impact brand is all about.

Overall the show was a huge success. Deep Impact Boats garnered an incredible amount of visibility and are excited about all of the orders currently being worked on.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport “4 Play” on the Poker Run down to Key West!

Upon the completion of the show, Deep Impact Boats moved at a feverish pace to get the show boats ready to participate in the Florida Powerboat Club’s Annual Key West Poker Run.

Once again- Deep Impact stole all the attention with the two brand new Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport models and 360 Sports on site!

Deep Impact Custom Boats definitely led the pack in performance and styling in this years Key West Poker Run. All the boats presented were powered with Mercury Racing 400R’s.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Deep Impact Custom Boat owners LOVE their Mercury Racing 400’s! Check out 4400 HP at the dock behind the Conch Republic!

The two 399 Sports ran with a full load of people and luggage at speeds exceeding 80 MPH, which is unheard of when full of fuel and passengers in a boat of this size.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Deep Impact 399 Sport “Hammertime” wins Sexiest Crew & Best Center Console!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS goes out to “Hammertime” one of the brand new 399 Sports for winning two prestigious awards including “Sexiest Crew” and “Best Center Console” at this years event!

Sexy is an Understatement!

Beyond the exceptional run on the water, the Deep Impact Boats took over the docks in front of Conch Republic.

The weekend was coined “The Deep Impact Take Over” with the introduction of Club Deep Impact.

Club Deep Impact was a barrage of parties being hosted by Ray Aquit aboard the Hammertime 399 Sport and David & Jenny Landsman’s 399 Sport named 4 Play.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Deep Impact Custom Boats bring friends together at the biggest bash of the year!

All the boats were full of beautiful people partying like there was no tomorrow.

The docks provided the most amazing backdrop to showcase all the new features on the Deep Impacts, including the rain showers which was the show stopper jaw dropper of the dock parties.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Check out the brand new Deep Impact 360 Super Sport- the fastest running 360 to date running 90+ MPH!

While the main focus was on the docks with all the beautiful boats, we also had boats in the race village including The Limited Edition Lamborghini Green 360 Super Sport which is the fasted 360 Sport to date!

How could you out do the Dock parties? Head over to the raft up party in Woman Key where there were 120+ boats.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

The biggest part on the water was on the brand new Deep Impact Custom Boats raft-up party!

The two Deep Impact 399’s rafted up together and drew the crowds to the epicenter of the festivities.

The Hammertime Deep Impact 399 Sport put up its huge club speaker on the top of the boat and his personal DJ served up music for the duration of the raft up party.

“At one time I counted 58 people aboard the two Deep Impact 399’s… and let’s not forget all the other boaters who also ended up rafting up with the Deep Impact Boat line-up, and/or swimming over to enjoy the festivities,” said Randy Truesdale.

Deep Impact Boats 399 Sport

Deep Impact Custom Boats 360 Sport heading to the epic raft-up party.

In closing, the weekend was stellar for the Next Generation Deep Impact 399 Sport and the entire Deep Impact Family as a whole.

Our highly spirited owners showed the reason why owning a Deep Impact is a lifestyle choice. Truly this was the best Florida Powerboat Club Poker Run ever for the brand hands down!

“Club Deep Impact took Key West to a whole new level for us!” said Truesdale.

Every night was a different group partying back and forth between the beautiful Deep Impact Boats.

Lets face it- the ladies love Deep Impact Custom Boats! Schedule your factory tour or sea-trial today by logging onto!

Nothing looks or rides like a Deep Impact Custom Boat. If you can dream it… Deep Impact can build it.

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