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Boats Direct USA NauticStar 2200XS with new owners Tamie and Drew Paccione.

Boats Direct USA NauticStar 2200XS with new owners Tamie and Drew Paccione.

It was a rough day on the water in their 18-foot Wellcraft that convinced Boats Direct USA customers Tamie and Drew Paccione that they needed a bigger boat. But an unpleasant shopping experience at a South Florida boat dealer had the couple wondering if they would ever be able to buy a newer model.

Then they found Boats Direct USA and fell in love with a beautiful  NauticStar 2200XS. But it was the great customer service that sealed the deal for them, Tamie Paccione said. The couple took home their NauticStar 2200XS a week later and have already referred a friend to Boats Direct USA.

“Everybody at Boats Direct USA gave us a sense of family,” said Tamie Paccione, who works in customer service managing a Starbucks. “We were exceptionally pleased with their entire process. We are super happy with our new boat.”

Paccione and her husband Drew were on the water when a day of pleasure boating turned ugly as the weather began to turn. As the water got rougher, their 18-foot Wellcraft began to rock and roll.

“The water got so rough my husband became frustrated because he couldn’t stand up,” Paccione recalled. “”He had a couple of groupers on that snapped his line and he was upset. He said, ‘I am done fishing. I am done boating. I am not going to do this anymore.’”

Drew and Tamie Paccione, with their Boats Direct USA NauticStar 2200XS

Drew and Tamie Paccione, with their Boats Direct USA NauticStar 2200XS

Paccione said she calmed her husband, suggested they head back to shore,  relax over lunch and then do some boat shopping.

They had seen Boats Direct USA online so they visited the store in person, checked out the NauticStar and an Epic, then headed out to another dealer, where her husband took a liking to a boat they had in stock.

But the service there was horrendous and the finance department so inflexible they left, Paccione said.

She suggested they return to Boats Direct USA and look at the mint green and white NauticStar a second time. It was similar to the boat her husband had admired at the other dealership and she was certain he would like it just as much.

“It’s just beautiful,” Paccione  said. “I like the storage, the hard top. It’s just set up really well. It’s very spacious, too.”

Drew Paccione with his new Boats Direct USA NauticStar2200XS.

Drew Paccione with his new Boats Direct USA NauticStar2200XS.

The beautiful saltwater inshore/offshore fishing boat was exactly what they wanted and after taking the boat on a seatrial, they knew their search was over. The NauticStar 2200 XS was the right price, the right size and included all the right amenities.

The boat includes a walk-through transom door, a unique flip-down bench seat with a back rest, a high pressure wash down and a port-side bait well. The boat also includes cast net storage forward along with port-side and starboat bow insulated fish boxes, said Boats Direct USA sales manager David Pease. “It looks like a much bigger boat just because of the style,” Pease said. “It’s the kind of boat you use close to shore.”

 The NauticStar was a hit, but it was the incredible service at Boats Direct USA that convinced the Pacciones that it was the right place to buy their next boat. The Pacciones worked closely with salesman Tom Sierra and were thrilled with the personal attention he lavished on them throughout the buying process.

“Tom did an exceptional job with us. He was so genuine and had a human connection with us. He was really, really good,” Paccione said. “Everything fell into place amazingly well the entire day.  They went over and above.”

Sierra said the couple were very happy with the trade they got on their Wellcraft and the price they paid on the NauticStar.

“We made it happen. The whole office really won them over,”  Sierra said. “They were very happy as far as our customer service and that’s what we strive for with each customer that walks into our dealership.”

The couple took the boat home a week later and spent a recent Sunday on the water.

“We are overall super-impressed with the boat.  It’s got extra lighting on it. It’s got a really nice stereo on it,” Paccione said. “I like everything on it.”

Boats Direct USA is owned by Mark and Eileen Fischer, who are avid boaters. 

Tamie and Drew Paccione, with Tamie's sister, on their Boats Direct USA NauticStar2200XS.

Tamie and Drew Paccione, with Tamie’s sister, on their Boats Direct USA NauticStar2200XS.

Boats Direct USA is a great place to shop for NauticStar boats with an impressive inventory of new arrivals for boating enthusiasts to check out. These beautiful center console boats are available NOW for you to take on a seatrial! Take a NauticStar for a SEATRIAL today! NauticStar is the epitome of affordability and efficiency and you will truly enjoy your boating experience just like the Pacciones!

Once customers get these boats out on the water they cannot believe all of the bells and whistles they get for the price. NauticStar models start at just $22,079 making it very cost efficient to get the boat of your dreams into the water today!

Boats Direct USA has over 100 new and used boats for sale. It’s never been a better time to schedule your NauticStar sea trial. For more information, call 866-377-5403 toll-free or visit the Boats Direct USA showroom at Mile Marker 98 in beautiful Key Largo!

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